An Etnographic Approach to the Hijabization Process : some “Mindful” bodies uncovered

This dissertation is about the “hijabization” process. Using a combination of participant observation, informal discussion and formal interviews, and my own personal experience of wearing the hijab, my aim is to try to understand the process through which a group of Muslim Women embraced Islam and adopted the “hijab”.

My interest in this research subject was primarily motivated by my modest attempt to break my Western stereotypes by trying to understand why it is important for these girls to wear the “hijab”, especially for British Muslims in a Western country like the UK. My broader aim was to understand the meanings and the effects on the outsider viewers, especially in this current politically heated climate, where Muslims and headscarves are constantly in the headlines.

I shall be introducing the “hizabization” process following Scheper-Hughes (1987) theoretical background of the three bodies, as I believe there are Individual, Social and Political aspects in the way my participants seem to approach Islam, undergo and embody such process. This will help me to demonstrate that there are Identity, Social and Gender Political aspects inherent to the “hijab”.

Citar como: MARCO MÉNDEZ, OIHANA. An Etnographic Approach to the Hijabization Process : some “Mindful” bodies uncovered, Altafulla, FIMAM, 2007, pp. 1-63 (ISBN: 978-84-611-9708-8)

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